'Fortnite' Disco Domination Hotfix Released

Epic Games released a Fortnite hotfix on Wednesday that changed the new Disco Domination game mode shortly after it was added to the game.

Fortnite’s v6.02 patch brought on the new Limited Time Mode called “Disco Domination” that tasks players with taking control of different dance floors spread out around the map, all while still trying to avoid the closing circle of the storm. In a hotfix that was released the same day that the patch went live and introduced the game mode, Epic Games changed the rate at which the storm circle closes and increased the number of points required to win a match. One of the respawn circles was also adjusted, all those changes detailed in Fortnite’s tweet below.

The game mode that’s new to Fortnite is essentially a domination-style mode that will look familiar to those who play other team-based shooters like the Call of Duty series. By capturing as many of the five dance floors as possible, players will earn points for their teams with the first team to reach the limit being the winner. Fortnite changes the formula in its own way though by making players dance on the dance floors to successfully capture the various command points. It leaves them vulnerable to attacks while doing so and makes them unable to fight back while capturing, so it’s up to players’ strategic dancing and teamwork to make sure the points get captured.


This isn’t even the first hotfix that the Disco Domination game mode received either with the Fortnite Twitter account tweeting earlier in the day to say that the team sized had been adjusted. As opposed to what it started with when the update was released, the Limited Time Mode now consists of two different teams with 32 members on each side.

Fortnite’s Disco Domination Limited Time Mode is now live following the release of the latest patch.