'Pokemon' Fans Are Adoring This Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Bulbasaur

As we stare mid-October in the face, Pokemon fans are getting into the spirit of Halloween by dreaming up some alternate forms for their favorite Pokemon. Today, a Redditor by the name of Vince Marcellino shared his vision for a Jack-O-Lantern Bulbasaur (and its evolutions) with us. Check it out:

I made some Jack-O-Lantern Bulbos to get into the Holiday Spirit! from r/pokemon

There are lot of special little touches scattered around this image. Obviously the star of the shows is the Jack-O-Lantern Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and and Venusaur. As the Pokemon evolves, so too does the Jack-O-Lantern it carries on its back. We also appreciate the evolution of the skull mark on its forehead, which is eventually covered over by withering, browning leaves. The final form is a slightly grotesque, fittingly bulbous creature, but somehow, it manages to stay cute.

There are a few other Pokemon you might have noticed in the image, and one Pokemon that you might not have noticed. Gastly and Haunter are immediately apparent, and they've even gone through their own Halloween transformation, turning ghostly-white, like they're wearing sheets. You probably noticed the adorable Dwebble as well, which has traded in its rocky shell for a skull. It's morbid, and it's cute. We love it.

But there's one more Pokemon in the picture that might have escaped your notice. Can you guess where it is? Do you notice anything unique about that witch's hat? Do you see what might be a tail there?

My dudes, that's a Mimikyu! The witch's hat is now concealing the Mimikyu's true form instead of the Pikachu disguise that we're used to, but the Mimikyu saw fit to hang on to the stick that it typically carries as a fake tail. Perhaps it noticed that witch's are always riding brooms, and thought that it would be appropriate.


Vince chimed in with details about the image and its origins:

What's your favorite part of the image, and did you spot any other secrets that we missed? Is there another artist making Halloween-themed Pokemon art that you've loved? Let us know in the comments, and we'd love to check them out! Stay tuned for more spooky Pokemon coverage, tricks, and treats.