GameStop Reveals Limited-Time Trade-In Bonus Toward Xbox One X

If you’ve been looking to trade up for an Xbox One X and get Microsoft’s most powerful console to date, GameStop might just have the deal for you.

Xbox One X

As part of its latest round of trade-in promotions, the company has offered up a number of deals for those trying to build up value for the Xbox One X. For instance, you can get anywhere between $200 to $300 towards a system, depending on what you’re bringing in. That’ll bring you much closer to acquiring the $500 system for your collection.

The most noteworthy deal involves trading in a PlayStation 4 Pro, as that’ll net you $300 towards an Xbox One X. It doesn’t state specifically which kind of Pro you can trade in, but we assume this includes the default 1TB model that’s on the market, as well as any special edition ones. We’re not sure why you would get rid of those, but if you do, you’ll get your money’s worth towards the Xbox.

If you’ve got something along the lines of a PlayStation 4 Slim, a PlayStation 4 original, a Nintendo Switch or an Xbox One S, you’ll get a decent amount of money out of those as well. You’ll earn up to $250 in trade value for any of these systems. If you snagged a PS4 or PS4 Slim for $200, this more than pays for itself.

GameStop is also taking original Xbox One game consoles towards the Xbox One X and offering a decent value for them, up to $200 depending on their condition. Again, not bad, and you can actually find them for fairly cheap at pawn shops, so you can trade up even if you feel like keeping your original model.

Want to trade towards something else? GameStop also has another promotion in which you can score an extra $25 on top of your trade-in value if you bring in an Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch system, any model. You can apply that towards whatever you want, in case you want to get games or another particular platform for your collection.

The $25 trade-in promotion is good through October 21, while the ones for the hardware go on through October 28. It’s a good time to get rid of your older systems if you’re not playing them anymore, or a proper excuse to shift into the 4K era, in case you just bought a TV that takes advantage of the format.


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The Xbox One X is available now.