Pokemon Go Teases "Gen 4" Pokemon, New Moves in New Update

A new update indicates that the just teased "Gen 4" Pokemon could be coming to the game very, very soon.

Last night, Pokemon Go started its rollout of a new update. While Pokemon Go usually tries to hide its changes under the hood, the update notes provided with the new version of the game made it very clear that a whole new wave of Pokemon was coming soon.

"Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region are arriving in Pokemon GO," the first line of the update notes reads. And sure enough, the new update contains code for all 107 Pokemon, plus their various forms. Every "Gen 4" Pokemon, including Mythical Pokemon like Arceus, is now in Pokemon Go, which means that Niantic only needs to "flip a switch" to add these Pokemon to the game.

In addition, Pokemon Go has also added 17 new moves to the game, including moves like Skull Bash, Crabhammer, and Razor Shell. We don't know the individual stats for these new moves, but it does indicate that the metagame could be changing in more ways than just the promised revamp of CP, Defense, and Stamina stats.

Finally, dataminers also discovered a new kind of "box" item bundle labelled as a "Local Box." Again, no details were provided but the name indicates that it could have ties to either Community Day or live events.


One other major change will also positively impact Android users. It seems that Pokemon Go has implemented its AR+ system for certain Android devices. Apple users have had this feature for a while, but now Android users can benefit from Pokemon Go's advanced AR capabilities.

Obviously, this is going to be a huge update for Pokemon Go and players can expect to see it later this week. Once game developers force the update (i.e., force players to update in order to continue playing), the first wave of "Gen 4" Pokemon could hit imminently.