SCUF Vantage Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Limited Edition Controller Now Available

SCUF Gaming is celebrating the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 by taking the most functional, high-performance PlayStation 4 controller on the market, and decking it out with a custom design Call of Duty fans will drool over. Say hello to the Vantage Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Limited Edition controller (order here):

(Photo: SCUF)

“Back in 2011," notes SCUF Gaming Founder and CEO Duncan Ironmonger, "we created the SCUF controller primarily for use with Call of Duty. Since then, we’ve built the company on grassroots engagement with fans and pros alike, which is why today over 90% of pros use SCUF controllers. Continuing our support of Call of Duty is a major milestone for the company, and there will be a lot more to come from this collaboration. The SCUF Vantage’s features tie up really well with Black Ops 4. We’re very excited to see how the Call of Duty community uses some of the new controller features in gameplay, like the Sax buttons in the new Blackout mode.”

You can read our review of the SCUF Vantage controller right here, and everything we love about the original model is what you're getting in this unique package. Versatility, customization, and comfort are what sets this controller apart, whether you're a competitive player or a casual player looking for an upgrade.

All four paddles, as well as the side-mounted Sax buttons, can be programmed however you'd like. For a game like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, this makes a huge difference. Something as simple as being able to leave your right thumb on your stick while power-sliding could very well mean the difference between a double-kill, or the premature end to what could have been a scorestreak unlock. Similarly, whether playing multiplayer or Blackout, the ability to pop a quick health regen without taking your thumbs off of the sticks, or your fingers off of the aim and fire buttons, can make a huge difference.

And speaking of Multiplayer and Blackout, SCUF has offered two sample control configurations that it recommends for each mode, respectively. Take a look at these setups, and think about how deadly you could be after an hour of training your muscle-memory accordingly:

scuf 1
scuff 2

For those of you who really want to take things to the next level, quality of life customizations can also make a world of difference. Make your controller lighter by removing the rumble modules, or adjust the sensitivity of your firing trigger so that it's actuated with a lighter pull. Leave everything exactly like it comes out of the box, and just enjoy the world-class ergonomic design. It's up to you.

The controller will set you back $229.95, and it's available right now, right here.