'League of Legends' Streamer Tyler1 Trains WWE NXT Superstars in New Video

Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp worked with a team of WWE NXT Superstars to train them for a in-game showdown in pro wrestler Austin Creed’s latest video.

Shared on the UpUpDownDown YouTube channel, Austin Creed’s hub for all things gaming, Tyler1 trained the members of Team NXT by taking them into a few games after teaching them the basics of League of Legends. Team NXT is composed of four different NXT superstars including Adam Cole, Dakota Kai, Shayna Baszler, and Johnny Gargano who will fill four of the five roles within Team NXT, the fifth being Tyler1 himself who’ll serve as the coach and the support player for the team. That group will soon face off against Team WWE that’s composed of four more Superstars and Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana, another prominent League of Legends players and streamer who’s filling the same role as Tyler1.

The wrestling crossover with League of Legends was announced not long ago with Riot Games and the WWE saying that the two teams would face off against each other in an upcoming game, but only after the professional streamers had time to train them. After breaking down the basics of League of Legends and MOBA games in general where the objective is primarily to use unique characters called “champions” to push into an enemy team’s base by destroying turrets and other structures, Tyler1 took the team into a game against bots to test their skills. The four Superstars chose their champions that they’ll be sticking with throughout the training process, Kai playing Miss Fortune, Baszler playing Illaoi, Gargano playing Poppy, and Cole playing Draven. The players got the gist of fighting against enemy champions and working their way into the enemy base before playing against a team of Riot Games employees, the creators of League of Legends.


Tyler1’s training video appears to be the first to have gone up so far, so we haven’t yet seen Imaqtpie train his team of WWE Superstars, so a similar video will likely be coming soon to show how the other half of the competitors train. Both Tyler1 and Imaqtpie typically play the same role of attack damage carries within their teams, so the competition serves both as a way to promote the NXT and WWE and to reignite a rivalry between the two players.

The full match between the two is expected to come soon, but look for more videos like the one above from UpUpDownDown.