Chat-Restricted 'League of Legends' Players Get Another Chance at Season Rewards

League of Legends who received a chat restriction in the recently-ended season and weren’t quite honorable enough to get ranked rewards before the season’s close are getting one more chance to become more honorable and get their end-of-season rewards.

With the season ending on November 12th, any League players who were at least Honor Level 2 would find themselves in good standing to receive the rewards. Receiving a chat restriction could knock players down to an Honor level that wouldn’t grant them the rewards, and Riot Games acknowledged that this doesn’t always feel great for players who had one or two heated games.

“Over the last weeks and months, we’ve heard your feedback that it feels rough to be knocked down to Honor 0 or 1 by a chat restriction in the closing days of the season, so we’ll be offering a one-time only re-grant of in-game rewards in February 2019,” Riot Games said on the League boards.

The offer is available to those who only got a chat restriction in the season that just ended, Riot Games said, so if any more severe punishments were received, those players are still ineligible for the rewards. For those who do meet the requirements of the last-chance opportunity, they have until February 11th to turn themselves around and get the end-of-season rewards.

“If you’ve received a chat restriction only this past season, and are Honor 0 or 1, you will have an opportunity to climb back to Honor 2 by February 11, 2019,” Riot Games said. “If you are Honor 2 at that time, you will get all the rewards you’ve rightfully earned with your blood, sweat and tears.”

Riot Games said that for those who are concerned with achieving that Honor level before the deadline, reaching Honor level 2 by February 11th is entirely possible. By just playing a few games a week and avoiding causing anyone else problems, Riot Games said the Honor level could be reached.


Ranking up throughout the next few months won’t change the end-of-season rewards players receive though. The rewards will still be based on the rank players held at the end of the 2018 season, so where players ended their ranked climb at on Monday will determine which rewards they get.

League of Legends’ 2018 ranked season has now ended with the preseason changes coming soon within the next few updates.