Blizzard's Black Friday Deals on 'Overwatch' Merch and More Are Live

Blizzard’s selection of Black Friday deals for merch items from its most popular games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and the Diablo series are now live.

Encompassing everything from the Overwatch League the pros compete in to the most iconic of Blizzard’s games like StarCraft and World of Warcraft, all of Blizzard’s best deals can be found here through its merch site. The company announced the start of the Black Friday merch deals on Monday through social media with tweets like the one below directing Blizzard fans towards the savings.

Leggings, artbooks, collectible pins, bags, drinkware, and many more categories of items are included in the deals that are spread out across nine different brands. They’re also separated by the percentage that’s been taken off of the items, and luckily for Blizzard fans, the most common discount that’s available is 75 percent off with nearly 300 different products benefiting from that deal.

An Overwatch Figma and Nendoroid figures are also included in the sale, both of those lines of products being some of the most popular Overwatch collectibles that are only made for certain champions. Tracer has one of each, the Figma priced at $35, and Genji, Mei, and Mercy all have Nendoroid figures available for $25 each, that price being half of what they normally are.


For anyone who’s looking to buy something that’s a bit more functional instead of just a new figure to sit on their desk or some clothes to lounge around in, the Blizzard store also has 10 different products in the gaming gear category that range from desk mats to headsets to keyboards and other gaming peripheral devices and accessories. KontrolFreek thumbsticks that match Tracer’s orange colors are discounted, and even a Razer Blackwidow Chroma Gaming Keyboard made its way into the sale, the keyboard marked down from $179.99 to just $125.99. The World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Collector’s Edition is included as the only game product found so far and is $30 off at just $69.99 during the sale, the Collector’s Edition including a code for the PC game along with physical collectibles and in-game content for anyone who hasn't already picked it up.

Blizzard’s Black Friday deals on all its merch items are live now and are scheduled to be available until November 30th.