‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ November Update Introduces Tournaments and More

Even though Dragon Ball FighterZ has seen its current run of downloadable content come to a close (for now), that doesn’t mean the team at Arc System Works aren’t continuously updating the game. In fact, a free update has just arrived for all platforms, providing some new features that fans won’t want to miss.

Dubbed the November Update, you can see what’s included in the trailer above, but there’s one addition that some die-hard fighting fanatics are going to want to jump into right away -- the FighterZ Tournament.

With this, you can “fight against other players online in daily tournaments with unique rules. Over 70 different tournament rules will be available to choose from including; Sharpened Senses, which turn off both health and Ki gauges and King of the Kamehameha matches, which limit character selection to Kamehameha users only. Players will be able to view and select scheduled tournaments from the FighterZ Tournament selection screen,” according to what the publisher told us in a press release.

But there’s more where that came from, as you can now collect Z Trophies and set them up in special Trophy Rooms. “Players can collect Z Trophies by participating in tournaments and store them in their own personal Z Trophy Rooms. Additional trophy rooms can be purchased with Zeni players earn while playing the game,” the publisher noted.

Finally, you can also collect a few special Seasonal Z Captures for your trouble. “Holiday themed Z Capsules will be available soon. These capsules will include new Christmas themed stamps, lobby avatars, and outfit color schemes.” A date hasn’t been given yet on these, but they’re expected sometime before Christmas.

More updates are likely to drop over the next few months, along with a possible announcement of even more fighters coming via downloadable content. That’s rumored for now, but EVO Japan is right around the corner; and we know that Dragon Ball FighterZ is a tremendous draw at these events. So we’ll see what we’ll see.


The update should be available now for consoles and PC alike, so get to downloading and make that all-Yamcha tournament happen!

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.