'Just Cause 4' Trailers Channel Classic Movie Vibes, Live-Action Fun

Remember action movie trailers from the previous decades? Hell, for that matter, do you remember action movies from the previous decades? We sure do, and so do Avalanche Studios and Square Enix, who channeled that sort of vibe with its latest live-action trailers for Just Cause 4, which is ready to wreak havoc on consoles and PC next week.

Just Cause 4

To celebrate the eras of action films, the two have released five new trailers that feature some variation of Just Cause 4 action, starting with the 1960s and spanning through the 2000s. Fans are likely to find their favorites within the 70’s and 80’s, but there’s no question this is a great approach to hyping up the game and what all you can do within its world.

Let’s get things started right with the 1960s, which plays out like a James Bond ad, and features a lot of chaos from the game -- including that awesome controllable tornado.

Next up, we have the 1970s, and as you might expect, this looks like it was inspired by classic grindhouse films, like you’d see from Robert Rodriguez if he made them back in that era.

Then we have the 80’s, and this is where things start to get really good. It looks like something you’d expect along the lines of Rambo, with one man causing all sorts of damage against a private army. And, of course, there are explosions. Everywhere.

Then we move into the 1990s, and it’s here you’ve got a trailer that looks like something along the lines of Terminator 2, with futuristic font, technical music and a whole lot of action. This one’s a bit more simple in tone, but still fun to watch.

And finally, we have the 2000s, in which The Fast and the Furious appears to be a clear influence, right down to the font and the remixed tunes. But it’s pretty cool, especially when it comes to capturing a dramatic tone, mixed with crazy vehicular stunts.


And last but certainly not least, Square Enix decided to go all-out with a live-action trailer featuring characters from the game, with a female commander chewing out one of her soldiers following the complete destruction of a base. This eventually leads to the question, “There’s no way one man did all that you say.” (Why, yes, and it was Rico Rodriguez!) Bonus quote: “He tied me to a weather balloon.”

These trailers should get you revved up for the game and all the destructive possibilities that it has to offer, and you can give it a spin for yourself when it arrives on December 4 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.