'League of Legends' All-Star 2018 Will Feature Game Modes like Nexus Blitz and URF

League of Legends players will be able to watch their favorite pros battle in casual game modes like Nexus Blitz and URF during the All-Star 2018 event that starts next week.

In an announcement from Riot Games that confirmed who would be participating in the All-Star event and what types of games they’d be playing Riot Games listed Nexus Blitz, URF, and Tandem as three of the less serious game modes viewers will see the pros and League Partners participate in. Listed at the bottom of the list of game modes the players would be playing was a section for “Mixed Team Alternate Modes” that include those three game types.

“A.K.A THE FUN MODES,” Riot Games said about the three game modes. “Pros and League Partners will participate in alternate game modes throughout the event, from old favorites like tandem mode and URF to new experiences like the freshly revamped Nexus Blitz 2.0.”

Nexus Blitz is a game mode that’s likely been on players’ radars as of late, an experimental game mode that Riot Games hopes is working its way towards becoming a permanent fixture in League of Legends alongside the traditional game modes. It’s added wild events and features like a Battle Sled vehicle so far as Riot Games continues to work on Nexus Blitz.

Tandem isn’t a game mode like Nexus Blitz or ARAM or anything else, but anyone can technically play a Tandem match in League, if they wanted to. It involves two players controlling one champion, one of them on the keyboard and the other on the mouse with both having to work together to take out the other teams of two.


Last among those game modes is URF, a mode that needs little introduction. URF is the game mode where cooldowns are drastically reduced and damage numbers are obscene to the point that champions get obliterated left and right. More recent players will be familiar with ARURF, the all-random version of URF, but this All-Star event will let the competing players pick their champions. It’s also a game mode that Riot Games said nearly one year ago makes some people stop playing League of Legends after they binge on URF games and one that seems unlikely to make a return on the live servers anytime soon, so watching pros play it during the All-Star event seems like it’s as close as players will get to seeing URF games.

League of Legends’ All-Star 2018 event will take place from December 6-8 at 4 p.m. PT.