New PlayStation Sneakers Feature A Cool and Hidden Easter Egg

playstation sneakers
(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Everyone appreciates a good easter egg, but rarely do we get easter eggs when it comes to sneakers. But when you're dealing with official PlayStation footwear, that's exactly what you get.

The new PC 2.5 x PlayStation Colorway designed by NBA star Paul George are currently hard to come by unless you have some extra cash to dole out to scalpers. But if you did manage to get your hands on a pair, you may have come across a neat little easter egg that you would have never known they had by merely looking at pictures of the shoes online.

As you can tell, the sneakers are a homage to the original PlayStation. Despite this, they do contain a special little reference to Sony's most recent console: the PlayStation 4.

We already knew that the shoes have a glowing Paul George logo on the tongue that can be activated via a power button on the inside of the shoe. But what we didn't know is that the light-up part has multiple options: the already shown off solid blue light and the PlayStation 4's "preparing to sleep" strobe light.

As mentioned above, these shoes are hard to come by, and it's no surprise when it has features like this. Across a variety of seller sites -- such as Ebay -- the shoes are trying to be pawned off for as much as $600. However, if you have small feet, you can occasionally come by the smaller sizes for as low as $150, which isn't too bad.


Easter eggs like these hardly make premium shoes worth the price tag that accompany them, but they are appreciable touches, and the type of stuff you should expect from a premium product. The best easter eggs are the ones that aren't obvious. Most people won't understand why the two light options are cool unless the PlayStation brand is near and dear to their heart.

Thanks, DualShockers.