'Pokemon Go' Launches Limited Research Event With Shiny Feebas as Prize

Pokemon Go is holding a mini-event later this month that will give players a chance to capture a Shiny Feebas.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced a special "Limited Research" event, in which players will collect special Research quests from PokeStops. All of the Limited Research quests will have the same prize - an encounter with the Water-type Feebas. As part of the event, players will have a chance to capture a Shiny variant of Feebas when encountering the Pokemon after completing a research quest.

Feebas, in the main series Pokemon games, is an extremely rare (and ugly) fish Pokemon that eventually evolves into the beautiful sea serpent-like Pokemon Milotic when it has a high Beauty condition. To evolve Feebas in Pokemon Go, players simply need to walk a Feebas 20 kilometers as a Buddy Pokemon.


This marks the first time that Pokemon Go has held a Limited Research event, so there's still a lot we don't know about how it will work. We know that the time window for the events are identical to that of Community Day, but we don't know what the specific Research tasks will be. Pokemon Go also noted that the Feebas "migrate," although that could just be a clever nod to how players can only collect one Research task per PokeStop per day.

The event will take place on January 19th (or January 20th if you live in the Asia/Australia game region.)