Super Smash Bros. Style 'Super Punch Fighter' Board Game Announced By Plaid Hat Games

Plaid Hat Games announced a brand new board game today, and if you've been wanting a Super Smash Bros. style board game then you're in luck with Super Punch Fighter.

The new game takes inspiration from video game fighters and can sport up to 6 players. Players will choose a fighter, grab a deck, a start hitting their opponents with a flurry of attacks as they try and knock them off the stage. Each time you knock out an opponent you'll receive a star, and you can earn more by fulfilling achievement cards throughout the game. Whoever hits the 9-star mark first wins, and you'll have a bevy of abilities at your disposal (via Plaid Hat Games).

As you can see from the card designs below, the video game aesthetic is strong here, as you'll use button cards to trigger different actions, from getting extra moves and performing more attacks to blocking damage. Each time you hit one of the button cards you put a token on top of it, showing you've already used it. At the end of your turn, you can keep four of those utilized cards but you also have to get rid of one, so there's a strategy in moving from turn to turn.

(Photo: Plaid Hat Games)

You'll also have combos at your disposal, which you can string together by paying the cost of fighter cards in succession. You can play multiple fight cards on your turn as long as you can pay the cost, and there's a chance you might not have to depending on if the last card you play matches the first one. Here's the in-depth description.

(Photo: Plaid Hat Games)

"Any fighting game pro will tell you that hitting buttons is fun, but the serious damage is found in combos! Play cards from your hand by paying the button cost of the card. Fighter cards are very powerful and unique to your fighter! You can play multiple fighter cards on your turn so long as you have the buttons to pay for them, and the best part is they can also be combo’d together! If the last button on a fighter card matches the first button on the next card you play, you only need to put a thumb token on that button once! Pick the best cards to string together for a super-powered hit!"

(Photo: Plaid Hat Games)

Sounds awesome right? The good news is there's also a cooperative mode called Minion Rush, which puts you and a buddy against waves of minions.

Super Punch Fighter will be available later this summer and should be up for pre-order soon.