'League of Legends' Players Will Keep Blood Moon Capsules Bought During Pricing Error

The League of Legends store experienced a pricing error recently which gave away Blood Moon Capsules essentially at no cost, and players are getting to keep those Capsules.

Riot Games’ release of the new Blood Moon skins for Sivir, Pyke, and Aatrox, and a Prestige skin for the latter was accompanied by the Blood Moon Capsules which were added to the store for 750 Riot Points apiece. This cost equates to about $6 and netted players an Epic Skin Shard, two random Skin Shards, and Prestige points with a chance of even better loot included in them.

The Capsules, however, also went on sale for 1 Blue Essence, that currency being the in-game resource players earn by levelling up. With several hundred Blue Essence earned each time a player levels up, players were able to buy as many Blood Moon Capsules as they could afford with the in-game money. The same was true with Prestige Points.

“At 10AM PT on January 10th, the new Blood Moon capsules and Prestige Points went on sale,” Riot Games said. “Because of a configuration error that resulted in PBE content making it to Live, you could purchase individual Prestige Points as well as individual Blood Moon capsules for just 1 BE apiece.”

Those who purchased Prestige Points using the exploit will have their purchases refunded and wont get to keep the currency which is used to unlock Prestige content, but anyone who bought a Blood Moon Capsule gets to keep their haul. Riot Games explained this decision by saying it’s simple to take back the Prestige Points, but the Capsules are more difficult. Players can either redeem, reroll, or disenchant their Skin Shards after acquiring them which Riot Games said makes the trail harder to follow.


“You can disenchant skin shards into orange essence, or reroll them using other skin shards you already owned (including ones you earned legitimately),” Riot Games said. “Instead of reverting a single item, we'd have to revert potentially thousands of transactions made in the loot system. This would take us months to undo, as it’s a very manual and delicate process to ensure we don’t wipe out legitimate transactions accidentally. Additionally, it could revert perfectly normal actions, like LP gains, Mastery tokens, and more.”

Riot Games added that it doesn’t keep reversible backups of players’ accounts to snapshot what they had before, so reverting the Capsule purchases “would be nearly impossible” and would take away from time spent on other features. Actions have been taken to make sure situations like this don’t happen again in the future, Riot Games concluded.