Illidan from 'World of Warcraft' Made Real Thanks to This Incredible Cosplay

Illidan Stormrage, otherwise known as The Betrayer,' first made his debut in the Warcraft universe in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos but he had a major role in the previous World of Warcraft expansion 'Legion.' A former Night Elf, this demon is huge and now one talented cosplayer has brought him to life in an impressive way.

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I'll never top Illidan's warglaives. Illidan is me Photo by @trevor_toma #Illidan #blizzcon #Illidancosplay #blizzardcosplay

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The cosplayer seen above is Oliver Holmes, but he goes by Kohalu Cosplay and his portfolio speaks volumes for his passion regarding the gaming community. You can also see our previous coverage of his Dark Pit that we shared earlier today!

You can support this cosplayer by checking out some of his other great character renditions here. And in case you need even more cosplay goodness, we even have a phenomenal cosplay hub where we like to celebrate the more creative side of the gaming, anime, and entertainment communities.

For those unfamiliar with this intricate character in World of Warcraft lore, Blizzard explains "The night elf Illidan Stormrage was born before the War of the Ancients, a conflict that erupted over 10,000 years prior to the Third War, when the chaotic Burning Legion invaded Azeroth. Driven by jealous over his brother's budding relationship with Tyrande Whisperwind), Illidan feigned allegiance to the Burning Legion and Sargeras, seemingly offering his aid while secretly plotting to destroy the Legion from within.


"Eventually, Illidan, Tyrande, Malfurion, and the Night Elves repelled the Legion invasion, causing the Well of Eternity to implode - but not before Illidan drew several vials of its water to create new fonts of power. When the Night Elves reached Kalimdor and saw Illidan had used the vials to create a new Well of Eternity, they were furious - they saw one of their own covered in demonic tattoos and with his amber eyes burned out - they did not know he helped to defeat the Legion and thought he sought to bring them back to Azeroth once again. Malfurion admonished Illidan for his irresponsible use of magic and when Illidan would not give up his power, he was imprisoned far beneath the surface of the land by his brother and Cenarius."

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