Awesome Games Done Quick Raised Over $2.39 Million for Charity

The organizers, speedrunners, and viewers of the Awesome Games Done Quick event have raised almost $2.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation during the speedrunning event, the final tally from Saturday confirmed.

Tweeting from the official Games Done Quick account, the amount was revealed to be the grand total of donations raised during the week-long event which began on January 6th. Speedrunners took the stage to complete games like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Bloodborne, and many more as quickly as they could. Viewers bid on certain challenges they wanted to see completed and bid towards different prizes while others simply donated to the cause. In the end, AGDQ said it had raised exactly $2,394,668 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation throughout the duration of the event.

The AGDQ organizers kept viewers updated on how much money had been raised throughout the speedrunning event with different milestones being crossed as the speedrunners competed. This year’s AGDQ event topped the total amount raised by Summer Games Done Quick 2018 and also surpassed the amount raised by AGDQ 2017 which amassed $2.22 million during the same event. \


AGDQ’s speedruns which took place throughout the past week involved not only the games mentioned previously but also many more which ranged from some of the most memorable classic games to newer titles like Super Mario Odyssey. Some of the speedruns involved simply trying to get through the games as quickly as possible while others presented the competitors with different challenges like boss rush events and other tasks. There were also speedrunning viewing opportunities where the speedrunners either could or could not glitch their way through parts of the game to save time, so there was bound to be a speedrun worth watching for any type of viewer.

With AGDQ now having come to an end, the organizers are already looking ahead to the next speedrunning event in the summer. SGDQ 2019 will take place from June 23-30, so expect to see more games and another huge round of donations when that event kicks off months from now.