Bandai Namco’s New ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Action/RPG Will Feature a Whole New World

There’s some exciting news coming during the Dragon Ball FighterZ finals later this month. Not only will we get a look at the forthcoming next season of fighters for that game, but we’ll also catch a glimpse at a new action/RPG that promises a bold new direction for the franchise- and some new details include just how bold it’s going to be.

Dragon Ball

A new tweet has appeared on the Dragon Ball official game channel on Twitter, featuring an image of Gohan and Goku alongside the game’s logo, along with an indication of what we can expect from the game- a brand new world to explore!

“The next Dragon Ball Game is... the world of Z action RPG! With unprecedented expression, the world of a completely new nostalgic is #ドラゴンボール drawn!” the tweet reads. “Stay tuned for the sequel to this work! The announcement of something at the World Congress of DBFZ held on January 26th-27th, USA time...!?” You can see the image below.

While this is merely a hint of the unexplored territory that the game will take, it sounds very promising, especially to fans that have been hoping to check out something new in the world of Dragon Ball. All eyes will definitely be on the tournament later this month, just to see what’s revealed.

We’ll bring you full details on the action/RPG as soon as they become available; but this could definitely push Dragon Ball Z gaming forward- as if Dragon Ball FighterZ didn’t do that already.

Speaking of FighterZ, you can check it out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Never hurts to get warmed up for that second season!


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(Hat tip to Gematsu for the scoop!)