Here's How Clan Bounties and XP Is Changing With 'Destiny 2' Season 6

Over the course of the year, Destiny 2 has evolved continuously since launch to better meet the expectations of the player base. With Bungie once again flying solo out from underneath Activision, the studio is excited to get back to what it means to make Destiny great. That means, player-requested changes, tweaks, and overall solid improvements.

Design Lead Steve Dolan and Senior Designer Mark Uyeda took to the official Bungie blog to detail a few upcoming changes to clan progression and XP. According to the pair, the below two objectives are at the forefront:

  • Stronger clans where players can make new friends in Destiny
  • Stronger incentives for clans to play with their clanmates

"We feel good about how many of these changes affected large and strong clans, but we’ve also received a ton of feedback from the community that the Forsaken changes effected smaller and less hardcore clans less positively," said Bungie These clans feel like they can no longer hit the levels they had in the past. We also heard that there is just too much emphasis on doing daily bounties. As a result of this feedback, we took some of the clan progression mechanics back to the workbench and made changes to improve the experience."

So what's next for the season ahead? Glad you asked:

  • We’re returning to the Destiny 2 launch system for gaining clan experience. Go play activities in the game and you will earn clan XP and level up your clan.
      • As a result, daily clan bounties are no longer needed, and have been removed from the game.
  • There are now three weekly bounties that require playing with your clanmates to complete.
      • There will always be one PvE, Raid, and PvP weekly bounty from Hawthorne. They reward Legendary gear and a big chunk of clan XP.
  • As your clan levels its banner, the rewards you receive from these bounties grow.
      • At rank three, you earn mod components when completing a weekly bounty.
      • At rank four, you earn enhancement cores when completing a weekly bounty.
      • At rank six, your clan will unlock a fourth weekly bounty.

The changes are in hopes of keeping clans "thriving" including the tier 5 perk that reads, “Crucible and Strike catalysts have an increased drop rate when playing with clanmates.”

As for bounties:

  • Ethereal Keys from the Last Wish raid will have a maximum stack size of five.
      • If you currently have a stockpile, make sure you turn them in before the end of the Season, as any keys over the cap of five will be removed.
  • Iron Banner bounties from Season of the Forge will expire and be removed from player inventory.
      • Iron Banner bounties are being refreshed for Season 6 with new objectives, which we will speak to closer to Season of the Drifter!

Bungie also mentioned that they will be sending out reminders to players at the end of the current season for those that may not have redeemed any previous items! As for Season of the Drifter, the next step kicks off in March alongside the new DLC Joker's Wild.

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