'Resident Evil 2' Mod Brings Back the Classic Interface

A Resident Evil 2 player has created a mod that’ll look familiar to those who played the original many years ago with the classic user interface making a return.

Crazy Potato is the modder who put together a “Classic UI” mod which introduced the classic interface “to some extend” according to the creator’s mod page. The modder’s video above shows what the changes look like in Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake, some of which include the classic health bar and the blue item boxes where players can place items from their inventories.

The same modder has created other Resident Evil 2 mods in the past since the game was released that restored some other classic aspects of the original game including the one below called the “Classic Claire Fix.”

Resident Evil 2 players have been busy playing through the game since its January release and have also been nearly as busy modding it, so it should be no surprise that the classic UI would eventually make an appearance. Many of these mods have been centered around combining elements of the original game and the remake to further bridge the gap between the two that spanned over 20 years between the releases.


Some tests have shown what this new game would look like with a fixed camera system like the original had as opposed to the Resident Evil 4-style perspective the remake shipped with while others have shifted the game to a first-person perspective like players saw in Resident Evil 7. While not quite a mod – at least not yet – players have also toned down the horror of Resident Evil 2 by slapping some DMX music onto encounters with Mr. X to make the encounters more entertaining but no less threatening.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms, the latter being where players will find these mods. You can see our full review here in addition to the video at the top.