'Pokemon Go' Adds New Snapshot Feature

Pokemon Go players will finally have the opportunity to take pictures of their Pokemon in the wild.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced a new AR feature that will let players take pictures of any Pokemon they have in their Pokemon feature. GO Snapshot will utilize the game's existing AR technology to let players pose, interact with, and take photographs of their Pokemon.

The mode can be accessed either from an individual Pokemon screen or by accessing the camera from a player's Item menu. Players select a Pokemon, tap on the screen to throw its Poke Ball to a specific spot, and then move around to find the "perfect angle" for a Pokemon. Once players have the right angle, they can swipe across the Pokemon to reposition it and then take as many photos as they want.


Previously, Pokemon Go's AR features could only be used to take pictures of wild Pokemon before players caught them. Players have wanted the ability to take photos of their captured Pokemon for a while, so this feature will likely be a popular one among both casual fans and enthusiasts. This is a natural next step for Pokemon Go's AR technology, and should make the game a lot more visible in its third year. After all, who wouldn't want to share their photos of their Pokemon to social media?

No specific launchdate was announced for GO Snapshot, but Niantic noted that it would be added to the game "soon." We'll have more news on this feature as it becomes available.