Xbox One's Owen Offers Heartfelt "Thank You" To His YouTube Subscribers Following Touching Adaptive Controller Commercials

If you're like me, the touching commercials that Xbox One ran to show off their new adaptive controllers for gamers with disabilities brought tears to your eyes. One of the faces that represented how important this move in accessibility is recently started his own YouTube channel and now Owen wants to thank everyone that has helped his dream grow.

Owen also works with Epic Gaming 101 and his channel has already far surpassed his 5,000 subscribers mentioned in the above video. At the time of writing this article, Owen's channel was sitting at just shy of 16,700 and for good reason - he's the face of positive change in the gaming community and his content so far is pretty rad.

For those that may not know, Owen is a 9-year old boy that was diagnosed with Escobar Syndrome. This diagnosis means that Owen's mobility is limited in terms of certain activities, activities that do include gaming.

He first appeared in the Xbox One commercial that aired during the holidays that showed what this brand of accessibility means to gamers as one kid gathers his friends in the neighborhood yelling “He’s going to do it! Owen’s going to do it!” while trying to reach Owen's house. As more and more friends gathered throughout the commercial's progression, Owen himself can be seen absolutely pwning the gaming arena using the new Adaptive Controller.


When the commercial left off with “When everybody plays, we all win,” I sobbed like a baby and I know I'm not alone in that.

An extended version of this same controller aired during the Super Bowl and showcased a variety of gamers that have benefited from this innovative design. In his "thank you" video, Owen mentioned that his dream is to hit over 100,000 subscribers so he can have his very own YouTube Play Button to hang on his wall. Given how quickly his sub account is rising, including my own while writing this, we have no doubt that Owen will hit that goal and continue to do amazing things while enjoying the games he loves most.