This 'The Witcher' Yennefer Cosplay Will Leave You Bewitched

With the recent casting news for the upcoming The Witcher Netflix adaptation, the sorceress from the hit fantasy franchise is on everyone's minds. For many fans of the character, cosplay is the perfect outlet to harness her inner strength and bring a beloved fictional name into the real world. That's exactly what this cosplayer did, which makes the raven-haired beauty look even more stunning than her in-game counterpart:

The cosplayer in question is Dante Heks and her portfolio is filled with magical cosplays such as this. It's so impressive that even the studio behind the fan-favorite RPG shared it on their social media channels for the game as well!

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Sand shifting crazily under the rough caress of the cold gale, roaring sea that tried to swallow the ground piece by piece, chill in the air that was a forerunner of the upcoming darkness… 
Skellige, I always imagined it like that! I am very happy that we managed to capture this photo despite I was literally crying from the strong wind and sandstorm that was blurring my vision and the light was already fading, turning the world around into a cold night… That was a pure adventure! 
Model, makeup, stylization: @dante_heks Photographer: @wild_caesar Outfit creator: @maryana.petriv.5 If you would like to learn more about my projects, see more photos and simply to support my works - visit my Patreon: //
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Yennefer of Vengerberg - The storm is coming... Another dream project came to life... It was a pure adventure full of tricky risks, unpredictable weather and journeys with cold winds that were singing their furious songs to motivate us for the further exploits! This project couldn't be less than special because three divergent artistic individuals wanted it to happen: Wild Caesar (Love of my life), Mariana (Mary-Ann's Workshop, my dear fellow who has technically created this suit) and me, full of ideas and engineering inventions to make it all work as amazing as possible for the current situation. The forecast was not optimistic: stormy wind and rain... Despite requests to make the entire project indoor I was obstinate enough to stand my ground and to plan our time in the way that we will surely be shooting outside. Miracles happen - weather changed marvellously! We had perfect light, splendid wind and chill in the air to make me feel like if I would be wandering through the lands of the Witcher Universe... P.S. We managed to put the suit together in the way that it looked very close to the one I saw in my mind. Currently I figured out how to improve it so it would be perfect so... Long live the Yen! Model, makeup, stylization: Dante Heks Photographer: Wild Caesar Outfit creator: Mary-Ann's Workshop More photos and stories are available on my Patreon ❤️ // #Yennefer #Witcher3 #Witcher #CDprojectRED #light #CirillaFionaElenRiannon #Wiedzmin #Wiedźmin #Wiedźmin3 #lightnings #magic #YenneferofVengerberg #DanteHeks #power #Sorcery #Sorceress #Czarodziejka

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She also did a Cyberpunk 2077 take, which is incredible:


As far as the character herself, we finally know who will be playing the sorceress in the upcoming Netflix series: Anya Chalotra! It's an exciting time and with production to be beginning soon, we'll be learning even more about this fantasy world and the characters we've come to know and love!

The Witcher Netflix series is currently without a release date, though it is slated for some point next year. For more details on the project, click here.

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