'Pokemon Go' Announces Rayquaza Raid Weekend

Pokemon Go plans to host a Rayquaza Raid Weekend later this month.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go announced a new "Special Raid Weekend" event featuring the Legendary Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon Rayquaza. During the three day event, Rayquaza will be added to the Raid Boss pool so that players will have an additional chance at battling the Pokemon.

Please note that, as a Special Raid Weekend event, Rayquaza will simply be added to the Raid Boss pool, so players still have a chance of encountering Dialga, the game's current Legendary Raid Boss. Rayquaza is one of the strongest Legendary Pokemon in the game and is handy for facing down other Dragon-type Pokemon or Fighting-type Pokemon. The best counters to Rayquaza is to pelt it with Ice-type or Rock-type attacks.

While no other bonuses were announced, previous Special Raid Weekend events have involved the addition of a Shiny version of the featured Raid Boss, along with free raid passes for players. Shiny Rayquaza has not currently been added to the event, and is one of the few Legendary Pokemon not from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl to not have its Shiny variant in the game.

The event will start at 1 PM PDF on March 15th and will run through Monday March 18th.



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