Artist Re-Imagines Steve Irwin As a Pokemon Trainer

The world lost a good man when animal enthusiast Steve Irwin died back in 2006, but his memory has lived on in love ever since. Now one Pokemon fans is paying special tribute to Irwin in a unique way, with him as a Pokemon trainer and honestly? We're here for it.

The artist's name is Liezl Ronquillo, 'Vivikart' on social media, and they definitely have a soft spot for the wonderful world of Pokemon as seen through their adorable art. And for those that had a worry that him holding a Pokemon went against his no-capture philosophy of animals, the artist added:

"Also made Steve Irwin into a Pokemon Champion, not just a regular trainer. It would be perfect for the Australian region! He could work alongside Professor Gum/Waratah/Wattle in aiding wild Pokemon in the region. He wouldn't push his Pokemon past their limits, but would still encourage a healthy Pokemon battle."

While it is incredibly sad that we know longer have his love and passion for wildlife, his legacy absolutely lives on through his wife and children, with both of his kids also continuing on that animal dedication.

What do you think about this adorable crossover over? Anything you would add to it to make it even better? Any particular storylines, Pokemon, etc? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!



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