'GTA V' Roleplaying Servers Are the Best Thing About 'GTA Online'

Grand Theft Auto V's online mode continues to rake in impressive numbers both financially and player-wise. Though the ability to play online with friends is key, another aspect that keeps this game so fresh is the wonderful world of roleplaying servers.

For those that are familiar with Twitch, there are tons of channels dedicated to roleplaying online with friends, staying truly in-character when taking on the world of Grand Theft Auto V. From total character transformations, to hilarious skits, it's a powerful sect of the title that keeps the experience alive while also strengthening the community.

With so many cheaters constantly raining on the parade, a strong community is needed now more than ever.

One of my personal favorite channels to follow is SheriffEli, a justice-driven man of the law with his own score to settle. But he's not alone, there are tons of servers like this, both with established characters and ones that are actively recruiting new players.

What's funny is that a lot of these roleplayers in-game assume the role of cops. That part's not funny, what is actually funny is that many of them are cops in real life! Others are just really fond of taking on the role of the police, which is where the magic of roleplaying lies. You can be anyone you want in the game, and there's a strong community that supports doing just that.

With weekly updates, new content, and a constant rotation of events, it's no surprise that Grand Theft Auto Online continues to do so well even long after its initial launch.

What are your favorite parts of Grand Theft Auto V's online mode? Ever partake in a bit of GTA roleplaying yourself? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy! I don't RP in GTA, but I have done so in games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and The Elder Scrolls Online!



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