Gearbox Teases 'Borderlands 3' in New "Mask of Mayhem" Trailer

Gearbox appears to be teasing its third main Borderlands game in a new trailer, though it might not be called “Borderlands 3,” an outcome that was widely expected considering the past names of the Borderlands games. Instead, this trailer is for something called “Mask of Mayhem.” Whether that title will have Borderlands 3 tacked onto the front of it remains to be seen, but we’ll know soon since this trailer also teases Gearbox’s PAX East presentation that’s taking place on Thursday.

The trailer above was released by Gearbox on Wednesday ahead of its PAX East showcase with a tweet that said “Mayhem is coming!” and encouraged people to tune into the Gearbox stream. Both the trailer and the tweet directed people to the Borderlands website as well where the new mask teaser that shows the series’ trademark mask composed of different character, weapon, and vehicle models. Some of those characters and the enemies they face may look familiar to players in the trailer, but there are also new faces seen that’ll likely be the main cast of the game.

Gearbox has been steadily teasing its reveals for PAX East, though this is the first substantial look at what’s thought to be the next core Borderlands game. The first teaser for the third main Borderlands game came weeks ago and was followed by more teasers afterwards that appeared to point to past games in the series. Other projects from Gearbox have also been teased, though people aren’t too sure what to make of those.

The release of Borderlands 3 or whatever its final name might be has been a long time coming for Borderlands fans with the Gearbox box Randy Pitchford being met with many questions about the game along the way. Asking about Borderlands 3 around events such as PAX East, E3, and others has been a frequent occurrence in the past year or so, but Pitchford’s said the game will be announced when it’s ready. Pitchford didn’t explicitly use the phrase “Borderlands 3” in that message though, and in past discussions, he’s even put the expected title in quotes, so there was always a chance that this game might be called something other than what players anticipated.

Gearbox’s PAX East stream is scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. PT on Thursday.



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