'Fortnite' Brings Back Gifting for a Limited Time

Epic Games has brought back Fortnite’s gifting feature for a limited time, the developer announced on Wednesday. First released late in 2018 before being taken away after a short time of availability, the gifting feature that’s now back allows players to send skins and other cosmetics to their friends using the in-game store. This is the second time that Epic Games has brought back gifting, though it again won’t be permanent.

The announcement that the gifting feature is returning was shared through the official Fortnite Twitter account on Wednesday. No timeframe for how long the gifting feature would be reenabled was given, though it’s expected that Epic Games will announce the date that the feature’s being removed prior to it being taken away as it’s done in the past.

Just as it had during the previous times when gifting was enabled, the question again was asked by many players why the feature isn’t enabled permanently. Having gifting always enabled would allow players to send gifts to their friends whenever they want whether at random or for special occasions, so it seems like it’d be beneficial for everyone to have it in place for good. It could be that Epic Games is moving towards such a decision by testing it again, though that’s Epic Games’ current plans for its gifting feature are unknown.

The return of the gifting feature follows the release of Fortnite’s latest content update which released on Tuesday, the same one that added the Explosive Bow to the game. It did not, however, revert one of the previous updates that’s been so controversial within the community. Amid these changes and unchanged content, Fortnite players have also found that there appears to be an anchor under one location’s dig site that might hint at future developments in Season 8’s story.



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