'Fortnite' Leaks Hint that Planes Are Returning

Fortnite datamines often point to upcoming content, though only so much information can be gleaned from them until Epic Games reveals its plans. One example of that is happening right now as people look through the game’s files and find that there’s a chance planes are coming back soon. The vehicles were a controversial addition to Fortnite that were vaulted this season, and if they are indeed coming back soon, it looks like they might be limited only to a Limited Time Mode that’s all about planes.

One of the indicators that planes will return comes from leaked challenges. One week of the challenges doesn’t say anything about the planes, but the second image shows a few challenges which allude to Biplanes. The challenge that still very well could be changed before the new set of tasks goes live asks players to destroy Biplanes to complete the challenge.

Planes led to all kinds of creative stunts where players swooped down from the sky and hijacked other people’s planes in midair, but for the most part, they were a controversial vehicle. People used them when they could, but the feature was frustrating to go against and ultimately led to the planes being vaulted. For anyone who’s worried ab out reliving that experience again, you can rest easy knowing that planes will likely only come back as a Limited Time Mode.

Details on that potential outcome came from more in-game files which were discovered, ones that referenced a certain “PlaneLTM.”

If Epic Games does indeed bring back planes for an LTM, it wouldn’t be the first time that it’s done so with a controversial vaulted item. The Infinity Blade was another item that came and went in Fortnite after it completely changed the competitive meta and was vaulted before too long. Epic Games later brought it back during the Sword Fight LTM, though it wasn’t nearly as strong as when it was initially introduced.



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