'Dead by Daylight' Teases New "End Game Collapse" Feature

There’s a new feature coming to Dead by Daylight as part of the next mid-chapter update called the “End Game Collapse.” Behaviour Interactive teased the new feature in April’s developer update and referred to it as a “major update to the end game,” though details on what it is and how it works are still unknown. A video that’s coming soon will reveal how it impacts the final phases of a match.

Dead by Daylight matches are filled with chases and narrow escapes throughout most of the game, though the end-game phases sometimes aren’t as eventful. As generators get fixed and survivors get picked off, there are more chances for the survivors to hide from the killers as they make gradual progress on their objectives. Once everything’s fixed and the exits are open, survivors can also sometimes stall the game and prolong it beyond a considerate amount of time if they know they’ve got an easy win.

Whether the End Game Collapse will affect this problem specifically remains to be seen, but it sounds like it’ll certainly shake up the final phases of a match. Behaviour’s teaser for the new feature discussed some of the goals of the End Game Collapse and when it’ll be revealed.

“The upcoming mid-chapter will feature a major update to the end game,” Behaviour said in its April update. “The objective of these changes is to make the end game more dynamic and exciting. We will reveal the new End Game Collapse in a video next week.”

The term “Collapse” and knowledge of how the end-game phases play out give some idea of what might be affected. The feature will likely focus on the moments when all the generators are fixed or when they’re almost all completed. With two exit gates and one escape hatch present on every map, it could also be that the End Game Collapse limits survivors’ options for escaping be that through removing some of the exit routes or somehow restricting players from going into certain areas. Every map in Dead by Daylight is an otherworldly construct of the Entity, a force that already uses its power to alter the map by blocking off windows that survivors use too frequently, so it makes sense that it could have a bigger impact on the maps.

Speculation will hold Dead by Daylight players over for now, but Behaviour’s plans for the End Game Collapse should be fully revealed this week.



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