Ubisoft Outlines Plans for 'The Division 2' Patch Coming This Week

There’s a new patch for The Division 2 that’s scheduled to release sometime this week with a couple of fixes planned for issues players have been experiencing. As it’s done fairly consistently with other patches and updates, the Ubisoft team working on The Division 2 took to the game’s forums to break down what’s coming in the next update. Getting stuck in certain spots or in animations was one of the problems on the agenda, though other fixes are also coming.

A date for the new patch hasn’t yet been announced yet, but it’s supposed to come sometime this week, according to Ubisoft. It’ll be Patch 2.1 and follows the release of Title Update 2.0, and as of now, there are four main problems being addressed, according to Ubisoft’s post. Each of those can be found below along with explanations from the developer regarding what they’re trying to fix.

Crafting Bench

  • We have a fix for the bench not upgrading to World Tier 5 in the works.
  • This will also fix the issue for players that have their crafting bench stuck in different World Tiers.

Characters getting stuck

  • We are trying to reproduce this internally. If you have more information on the topic, please share it with us (e.g. if you’re experiencing high latency).
  • We have one fix for players getting stuck in the revive animation.

Revive Hive

  • Made first improvements with TU2.
  • Another fix incoming to reduce more occurrences in 2.1.
  • We'll apply more fixes in the future as needed.

True Patriot

  • Fix coming to address the two piece gear set bonus of True Patriot not working.

The same post also gave some insight into Ubisoft’s thoughts on “larger conversations happening across all social channels.” Gear scores dropping below 500 and NPCs ending up in a t-pose position are just a few of the problems that are being looked into.

The Division 2’s new patch is scheduled to release later this week.


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