New PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Controllers Will Prepare You for 'Avengers: Endgame'

The release of Marvel’s new Avengers: Endgame movie is just over a week away now, and since there’s no Avengers game available to play to get ready for the release, Marvel fans can only rewatch the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 21 movies to prepare for it. For anyone who’s got a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One though, Kustom Kontrollerz has two different Avengers-themed controllers that might fill that void before and after the movie releases. The controller creators have now revealed the “Avengers Suit Controller” that’s available for each console and features some signature colors from the heroes’ outfits.

Both of the controllers can be seen here through the Kustom Kontrollerz site and are both available now. The designs are clean, but they’re not cheap either. Many of the custom controllers on the retailer’s site retail for around $249.99, some of them going higher or lower depending on the complexity of the design, but the Avengers controllers are on the upper end at $299.99 each. You’ll get what you pay for though with both of the controllers featuring the Avengers logo, red and white face buttons, and white thumbsticks all set against the grey body of the controller.

The Kustom Kontrollerz Twitter account shared a quick look at both of the controllers in the tweet above while giving credit to the designer who’s responsible for the controllers’ sharp looks.

Aside from the controllers that are directly inspired by the upcoming movie, there’s one other way that people might get some more Avengers action in their games around the time the film hits theaters. Thanos was already in Fortnite before, and if some recent teases mean what some people think it does, there could be another collaboration in the works.

Until the movie releases, we’ll also have stories from the movie’s stars to hold us over along with theories that try and predict what might happen.

The Avengers-themed devices from Kustom Kontrollerz can be seen here.



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