Fan-Made 'League of Legends' Site Is Perfect for ARAM Players

There’s a new site that’s been set up by a League of Legends player for League of Legends players, specifically those who are drawn to the game’s ARAM mode. It’s called, and the point of the site is to make players better ARAM players by showing them suggested item builds, champion buffs and nerfs specific to ARAM, and stats for players within live games.

Checking out the site yourself, you’ll find that it’s already set up in a way that’ll be quite familiar to League players. Its menus and layout are reminiscent of the League client itself, and using it is pretty simple. You type in the name of a champion and instantly get recommended runes, items, and skill orders for the champion as well as stats like win rates and how they rank against other champions in ARAM. League players will know by now that certain champions are buffed or nerfed in ARAM to balance them outside of Summoner’s Rift, and those changes are also displayed on the champions’ pages.

If the concept of MurderBridge sounds familiar, it might be because you’re an ARAM player who’s used before. Both sites were created by the same person, a League player who goes by Steven and is a frequent visitor of the Howling Abyss. The game mode’s supposed to be a casual alternative to Summoner’s Rift, but Steven said he knows he and others who spend so much time in the mode take it seriously and want to optimize their builds.


“By creating the site, I hoped to help make ARAM an enjoyable and more streamlined experience for all; new and seasoned,” Steven told ComicBook. “There are plenty of sites out there that already do a fantastic job with generic information for all game modes. However, most of these sites primarily focus on Summoner’s Rift. There had yet to be a website where ARAM was the top priority. MurderBridge seeks to fill this niche role.”

That goal was the basis for ARAMlol, but Steven said the site was his first attempt and wasn’t set up to be supported throughout the years and compete with other sites. MurderBridge itself might be rewritten in a year or two, he said, but for now, it’s going to be continually updated as Riot Games releases patches and ARAM changes.

There are a few features that Steven said could be added such as player-specific preferences, but he said the focus right now is to work on features already in place and improve them.

“It's better to have a few features that work very well over many features that don't work at all,” Steven said. “Specifically, build suggestions, website user interface, and data collection are the primary targets of improvement.”

You can check out for yourself and revisit it again the next time Riot releases a League patch to see what’s new.



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