Fortnite Players Who Participated in the Unvaulting Event Get a Free Glider

Fortnite’s latest big to-do was the Unvaulting event which took place on Saturday, an event where the game’s map was changed again and players voted to bring back a vaulted item. Like other Fortnite events, it was a one-time deal which meant that if you didn’t queue up for the special Unvaulting playlist to watch the event transpire, you’d miss out. Some players, however, said that they couldn’t join the event’s playlist even though they tried, and Epic Games is looking into ways to remedy that problem.

Part of the solution is that the developer is giving away a free glider to everyone who was in the Unvaulting playlist when trying to get into the event. In a tweet shared through the Fortnite account, Epic Games confirmed that the Arcana Glider will be given out to those who meet the requirements, and if you purchased that item in the past, you’ll have your V-Bucks refunded.

This news of the free item came after Epic Games first acknowledged that some players weren’t able to participate in the event despite them queuing up for the playlist. Epic Games is currently working on releasing replays of the event so that players who missed it can view them within the game’s client. It’s a solution for sure, though it obviously won’t have the same impact as if players were in the game themselves to witness the event.

Whether you watched the event or not, you can see the results of it in the game now. Tilted Towers has been destroyed along with other parts of the map, and the Drum Gun is back after players elected to bring back that weapon.



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