How to Catch Detective Pikachu in 'Pokemon Go'

Detective Pikachu has arrived in Pokemon Go, but players will need to complete a couple of steps to catch the movie star in the game. Earlier today, Pokemon Go launched a tie-in event with Detective Pikachu, the live action Pokemon movie that comes out later this week. As part of the event, players can catch a Pikachu wearing a deerstalker cap similar to what Detective Pikachu wears in the movie and games. However, Pikachu doesn't spawn like normal Pokemon - instead players will need to use their game's AR feature to lure out the Pikachu so it can be captured.

The first step to capturing Pikachu is selecting a Pokemon from the Pokemon screen (any Pokemon will do) and tapping the camera icon on the upper right corner of the screen. That will launch the game's AR mode, which lets a player position and then take pictures of a Pokemon in the real world. Once players take a couple of pictures of their Pokemon, they can tap on the circle in the lower right hand corner to see the pictures. Occasionally, Detective Pikachu will appear in the photo as a photobomb. Once Detective Pikachu pops up in a picture, head back to the overworld map screen and Detective Pikachu will spawn nearby to be caught.

If your photos don't have Detective Pikachu in them, just pick a different Pokemon and try again. Pokemon Go implies that Detective Pikachu's photobomb will be a somewhat rare appearance, but players should be able to simply cycle through their Pokemon until Pikachu appears.

Select Pokemon from the movie will also appear in raids and spawn more frequently in the wild. In addition, players will get Double XP for catching Pokemon, and have the opportunity to find and catch a Shiny Aipom.

The Detective Pikachu event runs from today through May 17th.



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