Create the Perfect Edgelord Backstory in 'Dungeons & Dragons'

A hilarious new table helps players create a quick backstory for their broody Dungeons & Dragons edgelord character. Dungeons & Dragons has nearly an infinite number of potential character builds, but many players choose to stick with well-worn fantasy tropes. One of the more popular (and more derided) character types is that of the edgelord, the needlessly brooding character who feels no joy and whose personality is moulded by tragedy. The edgelord character is usually driven by revenge, wear lots of black, and are equally good and killing and repressing their emotions until they complete their quest - basically, they're the fantasy equivalent of Batman. We see edgelords all the time in the fantasy genre, including Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop fantasy RPG games.

Dungeon Masterminds recently came up with a table designed to give players a quick cookie cutter backstory for their edgelord character, perfect for quickly creating a D&D backstory with just a few rolls of the dice. Players need only roll percentile dice four times and then reference the table (seen below) to determine how their character was scarred in the past. The table provides an antagonist, an "edgy action," and a victim which are then combined to form a one sentence backstory perfect for any edgelord. The fourth part of the table determines how that backstory impacted your character, pushing players on a quest for revenge, giving them some sort of character flaw, or some other transformation that falls into standard edgelord tropes.

Some of the results are hilarious - maybe your tragic past was that a mimic seduced your significant other, which drove you to drink, or maybe a bard ruined your start-up company, leading you to trust no one....which makes joining an adventuring party that much more difficult.

The table isn't meant to be taken seriously, but that's half the fun of using it. Playing an edgelord (or a parody of an edgelord) can be a lot of fun, especially if other players can use your character's brooding nature to advance their own stories or agendas.

What's your favorite fantasy edgelord? Let us know in the comment section or find me on Twitter at @CHofferCBus to chat all things D&D!



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