The Division 2 Adds New Content, Balance Changes, and Much More in Title Update 3

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have officially launched the highly anticipated Title Update 3 for The Division 2, and it has brought a bounty of content along with it. That, of course, isn't including the upcoming eight-player raid Operation Dark Hours. However, the update does feature a ton of tweaks in regards to balance and much more, including new Commendations for the raid, crafting changes, gear tweaks, and plenty of other goodies for players to enjoy. There were even several changes to NPCs that were implemented as well as weapons, talents, and a handful of bug fixes.

Taking to Reddit to share the lengthy patch notes for The Division 2's Title Update 3, Massive Entertainment outlined quite a bit that has changed with the latest patch. "'Title Update 3: Operation Dark Hours' is another milestone in The Division 2 Year 1 Roadmap," Massive said. "It is the addition of the first 8 player raid in the history of The Division - but it is also a lot more. In general, it is also a re-alignment and balance pass that affects the NPCs, the talents, the weapons, the gear and some big adjustments to the PVP content.

"The normalization was reworked, new PVP modifiers were introduced and there were also major adjustments to the Dark Zones. Besides that, it should also help you in your gearing up process, make crafting more viable and also provide you with more ways to accumulate blueprints. To round things up, two Classified Assignments are also added to your activities - if you own the Year 1 Pass."

You can check out the full patch notes right here, but some of the highlights can be seen below:


  • Bonus Armor granted on blue attributes gear significantly increased.

  • Armor percent can now be found as Defense Attribute rolls.

  • Health percent can now be found as Defense Attribute rolls.

  • Gear sets

    • Hard Wired

      • Now grants Skill Damage instead of Shock Duration.

    • Ongoing Directive

      • Now grants special ammunition into any weapon, including the weapon currently equipped.

      • Now grants special ammunition on any kill, not just weapon kills.

    • True Patriot

      • Decreased debuff cycle from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.

      • Increased damage dealt to nearby targets when Full Flag is active to 50%.


  • Loot containers will now reset at a preset time of day.

    • Control Point reward container will now also reset with this daily timer.

  • Improved quality and quantity of Drone Helicopter loot.

  • Slightly reduced the quality of items from Clan Caches.

  • Cabinet loot containers now have a chance to contain Dark Zone keys.

  • Increased ammunition drop chance from enemy NPCs to limit situations where players would run out of ammunition during prolonged fights on higher difficulty activities.

  • Dark Zone contaminated loot does not drop below player's average Gear Score and will guarantee Gear Score 500 when the player has reached 500 Gear Score.

  • Heroic difficulty Mission bosses, Stronghold bosses, Bounty bosses and Heroic Control Points reward containers will guarantee Gear Score 500 when the player has reached 500 Gear Score.

  • Loot now skews more towards the top end of its allowed Gear Score, resulting in fewer items below a player’s average Gear Score, and items that do drop below it will be closer to that average more often.

  • Increased the rewards for daily Hard and Challenge mission Projects and they will guarantee Gear Score 500 when the player has reached 500 Gear Score.


  • Updated RC Blade to fix various issues.

  • Elite Medic’s Pulse Grenade has been changed.

    • No longer applies disrupt.

    • Reduced Impact radius.

    • The grenade impact radius should now be easier to see.

  • Decreased damage of Veteran, Elite and Named NPCs.

  • Greatly decreased melee damage of all Tank NPCs.

  • Moderately decreased melee damage of all non-Tank NPCs.

  • Decreased Thrower NPC’s accuracy with grenades. They are no longer professional baseball pitchers or cricket fielders.

  • Slightly decreased damage of Elite/Named War Hound.

  • Civilian Control Point Officers now wear pants.

  • Civilian Control Point Officers now wear protective body armor. Safety first.

  • Civilians with fully upgraded Settlements now wear combat harnesses and have slightly more health.

  • Upgrading a Settlement now slightly increased Civilians’ damage.

  • NPCs will now be slightly less defensive while in cover and being aimed at by a player.

  • Decreased likelihood of NPCs using ladders in combat.

  • Decreased likelihood of NPCs using special navigation out of combat.

  • Civilian NPCs will now stay further away from players in cover, lessening the chance of them taking a player’s preferred cover location. We get it, you’re very protective of your favorite cover spot.

  • Civilian Hostages are now more protective of their lives.

  • Fixed issue with many explosives causing extreme amounts of threat, confusing NPCs.

  • Fixed various sliding issues with NPCs following recovery from a Status Effect.

  • Enemy NPCs should no longer be able to stagger players with a melee attack if the player has a Ballistic Shield equipped.



New feature: Exotic Mod Bonuses

  • All exotic mod slots now have unique bonuses.


    • Now has a skin slot from Specialized quality and up.

  • Nemesis

    • Mod slots

      • Optic: +35% Headshot Damage

      • Magazine: +10% Reload Speed

      • Muzzle: +15% Critical Hit Damage

      • Rail: +15% Damage to Elites

  • Chatterbox

    • Damage increased.

    • Mod slots

      • Optic: +5% Critical Hit Chance

      • Magazine: +10% Reload Speed

      • Muzzle: +10% Critical Hit Chance

      • Rail: +15% Handling

  • Sweet Dreams / Lullaby

    • Damage increased.

    • Mod slots

      • Optic: +15% Accuracy

      • Magazine: +15% Reload Speed

      • Rail: +25% Optimal Range

  • Merciless / Ruthless

    • Damage increased.

    • Mod slots

      • Optics: +10% Accuracy

      • Magazine: +15% Reload Speed

      • Muzzle: +20% Stability

      • Rail: +20% Handling

  • Pestilence

    • Damage increased.

    • Mod slots

      • Magazine: +10% Rate of Fire

      • Muzzle: +20% Stability

      • Rail: +15% Handling

  • Liberty

    • Damage increased.

    • Mod slots:

      • Optic: +10% Critical Hit Chance

      • Magazine: + 15% Damage to Elite

      • Muzzle: + 15% Stability

      • Rail: + 15% Rate of Fire

  • TAC-50

    • Now has 2 zoom states.


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