Fortnite Reportedly Adding New Refund Option Very Soon

(Photo: Epic Games)

According to a new leak, an upcoming Fortnite update will added a new refund button for the item shop that will be different to refund options previously featured in the game. More specifically, the new refund button will apparently refund an item within five minutes of purchase and if you didn't use it in-game yet. In other words, if you have some immediate buyers remorse, you can refund the item, as long as you didn't give it a good ol' test run. There's no word if there will be a limit to the amount of refunds you can use, but presumably not. There's no way to real game this system, so to put a cap on it would be an odd decision. Of course, there's also the possibility this won't actually be implemented into the game.

Calling this a refund button is a bit of a stretch, it's more like an accidental purchase button. If you buy a skin but wind up not liking it in-action, you can't return it. This is more for accidental purchases it seems, because who buys a skin, doesn't use it, then just returns it?


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