House Warband Takes Lead in League of Legends Trials Event

The Mid-Season Trials event is still underway in League of Legends even though the Mid-Season Invitational has now concluded, and as the event enters its third week, a new tribe of players is on top. House Warband has pulled ahead in the competition to overtake House United, the group which held the No. 1 spot after one week of the event, while the other two houses’ positions remain unchanged. There are still two more weeks left in the event though, so players have time to change the standings before the winner is decided and its players rewarded.

According to the latest update from Riot Games, Warband is followed by United and then Faceless with Council trailing behind the others, same as last week. The positions the houses are in are determined by how many points their players earn through completing house-specific missions, and as the weeks go on, completing these missions becomes more important since the points awarded increase as we draw nearer to the end of the event.

“Remember: Only missions that show your house icon count towards your house’s progress,” Riot Games said. “Missions from the Trials Pass won’t count towards the competition, and points awarded increase each week so everyone has the chance for a comeback.”

If you’re a League player who’s been actively playing in the past few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly seen all the contents of the Trials event and have probably even picked out a house for yourself. If you did so but don’t know much about the houses outside of your own, everything you need to know about the current No. 1 team is in the trailer above. House Warband is the Yasuos, Zeds, Katarinas, and every other champion of that type in your game that’s probably trying to 1v9, and they might just pull it off. House United, the team that’s been bumped down to second place, is full of players who are supportive and optimistic, those who play team-oriented champs or pull off big plays that benefit their team.


There’s the reward of a special emote, finisher, and icon for the winning team, but even if you’re not invested in the competition, you can still earn some Trials Tokens in the remaining weeks to pick up some loot of your own. A new week means there are new missions to complete, so if you’re indeed trying to help your team win, you can knock out both objectives at the same time.

League of Legends’ Mid-Season Trials missions are live until June 2nd, and you can find a full list of them here.