'Pokemon Sword & Shield' News Coming in June

Pokemon fans should get a solid dose of information about the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield games next month. Last week, the Japanese magazine CoroCoro noted that it would have the "latest information" about Pokemon Sword & Shield in its next issue, which hits newsstands June 21st. While some took this to mean that CoroCoro would get "exclusive" news about the next Pokemon games, most believe that the magazine will summarize news about the games that will be released sometime around E3. Regardless of whether we get the news at E3 or from CoroCoro, we definitely know that we'll have more solid information about the next Pokemon games in June.


The Pokemon Company has largely stayed silent about Pokemon Sword & Shield since they announced the games in February. While we know the setting of the game (Galar, which is based on England) and the three Starter Pokemon, we don't really have any other information about the games, even though they'll come out later this year. In past release cycles, The Pokemon Company started releasing information about the games in May, but they have had success in announcing news and showcasing their games at E3 over the last couple of years. The Pokemon: Let's Go games were a major focus of last year's E3, so it's possible that the Pokemon Company has gotten more comfortable with the major game conference than they have in the past.

CoroCoro did provide one piece of "new" Pokemon Sword & Shield information - trainer customization will be returning for another Pokemon game. This features has been part of the Pokemon games since Pokemon X & Y and CoroCoro revealed the feature would be returning when it announced that winners of a t-shirt design contest would have their work featured as a clothing option in the new games.