Red Dead Online Update Gives PS4 Players New Early Access Content

Rockstar Games has another Red Dead Online update out now for all platforms, but those on the PlayStation 4 are getting early access to parts of the update’s contents. Free Roam Missions, clothing, and regularly released bonuses that incentivize people to play in groups and partake in certain missions and events. For the PlayStation 4 crowd, they’ll get a new weapon, horse, equipment, emotes, and two Showdown Modes that’ll be restricted to that platform first before coming to the Xbox One.

Red Dead Online’s latest update follows the release of the big patch from last week that took the game out of the beta stage and added a bunch of new features and items for players to experiment with. New Free Roam Missions were introduced in that update, and Tuesday’s release expanded on that feature with more missions.

“Last week, we added the first of many new Free Roam Missions, with new mission types and some new characters to meet along the way,” Rockstar Games said about the update. “This week, two fan favorites from the Red Dead Redemption 2 story join the cast of characters in the market for a helping hand in the world of Red Dead Online.”

While those missions are available for everyone regardless of the platform you’re on, the content below is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 until it’s released on the Xbox One.


“This week's updates also include new Early Access content for players on PlayStation 4 including the devastating Ancient Tomahawk along with a new Make It Count: Ancient Tomahawk Showdown Mode,” Rockstar said. “There's also Last Stand, a bloody free-for-all Showdown Mode with no way out, no second chances and one winner. PlayStation 4 players will also get early access to the new Perlino Andalusian Horse and new horse equipment, clothing and emotes.”

A post on the PlayStation Blog detailed how players can get their hands on these new items. The Ancient Tomahawk can be found at a fence while the other items can be acquired from the stores’ catalogues, all of these available for free. You’ll want to practice with that tomahawk before heading into the Make it Count mode since that’s the only weapon available there. The Last Stand mode is a variation on a free-for-all fight where only one player will remain at the end.

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