Nintendo Super Mario Lamp Features a Functional NES Controller


Nintendo has been cranking out a lot of fun household products lately, and you can add this Super Mario NES lamp to the list. It features a lampshade with imagery from the original Super Mario game, but the main feature is a NES controller base that functions to turn the lamp on and off. You can even control the brightness using the D-pad!

Needless to say, this NES lamp would be a fantastic addition to a game room, kid's bedroom, and more. Basically, anywhere that you want to brighten up with a bit of gaming nostalgia. The lamp is available to pre-order here for $51.99 with free shipping slated for June. However, before you order one, you might want to consider some alternative options...


Nintendo recently released an official The Legend of Zelda Master Sword lamp that destroys the evil that lurks in the darkness. All you need to do is press the Triforce logo to turn it on and restore peace. Plus, it can be powered via USB or via three AAA batteries, so you can set it up anywhere.

Shut up and take my rupees right? The Legend of Zelda Master Sword light is available to pre-order right here for $42.99 with free shipping slated for August. It measures roughly 12-inches tall.


Enter option #3 - the official Nintendo Super Mario Chain Chomp Lamp.


The Chain Chomp’s head can swivel, so you are free to direct the light where you need it. The light source is a 60 Lumens LED bulb - which is great - but one downside is that the bulb is not replaceable. Then again, the bulb is rated to work for a minimum of 30,000 hours, so longevity probably isn’t an issue. The Chain Chomp lamp is available here for $49.99.

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