Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Gets Live Action Remake in Car Commercial

The 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon has gotten a surprising live action remake....thanks to a Brazilian car commercial. Earlier this week, Renault released a commercial in Brazil that shows the cast of the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons TV show fighting Tiamat and Venger in a surprisingly epic sequence. As the group struggles with Venger and his flying force, the Dungeon Master appears driving a Kwid Outsider, that the group then uses to escape from Venger and eventually return to the real world with their pet unicorn Uni in tow. You can see the full commercial below:

Dungeons & Dragons originally aired from 1983-1985 on CBS and centered around a group of children from the real world who were teleported into the world of the game after climbing aboard an amusement park ride. The kids were given magical weapons by the Dungeon Master and began their quest to return home, facing the corrupted Venger (who is in actuality the Dungeon Master's son) and other threats during their journey. The series never received a proper finale, so one could argue that the Renault car commercial wraps things up nicely. After all, the group defeats Tiamat and makes it home safely, even bringing their pet unicorn back with them to the real world.


The car commercial is surprisingly detailed, as the characters all show off their original weapons and abilities and Tiamat's five heads actually match those of the current chromatic dragon designs used by D&D today. While Dungeons & Dragons has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years, we're still shocked that someone is using the game (and its nostalgic cartoon) to sell SUVs.

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