Pokemon Masters Mobile Game Will Bring Back Every Major Pokemon Trainer

The Pokemon Company has officially announced Pokemon Masters, a new mobile game developed by DeNA that will bring back a ton of major Pokemon trainers from the franchise. A brief clip of gameplay showed players teaming up with classic characters like Misty, Brock, and Blue, along with champions Cynthia, Lance, and Steven Stone. It appears that players will be able to select two trainers to battle alongside in three-on-three battles. We briefly saw gameplay showing Brock unleashing a Z-Move, and a lot of the graphics looked awfully similar to the Nintendo 3DS Pokemon games.

Pokemon Masters was inspired by a suggestion by Ken Sugimori, one of the iconic artists of the Pokemon franchise, and he provided a piece of promotional art showing major trainers from the franchise for the new game, which can be seen below.


Pokemon Masters is a collaboration between the Pokemon Company and DeNA, the maker of popular mobile games like Fire Emblem Heroes and Attack on Titans Tactics. DeNA is a big deal in Japan, but we're a bit surprised that the game will be adapting Pokemon battles in such a straightforward way. From the look of the game, each Pokemon will have a single partner Pokemon that has one Pokemon move. A screenshot showing a battle in action seems to hint that additional moves can eventually be unlocked. You can check out screenshots of the new game below:

Pokemon Masters will be released for Android and Apple devices in 2019.