Pokemon Sword & Shield Fans Compare New Legendary to Sif from Dark Souls

Nintendo just showed off its upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield games in a big Pokemon Direct that unveiled new Pokemon, gameplay mechanics, and a few of the many characters players will encounter. Among those reveals were two Legendary Pokemon called Zacian and Zamazenta. They both look like imposing new monsters and represent the two games well, but if you’ve played FromSoftware’s Dark Souls, you definitely aren’t the only one who thought that the sword-bearing Zacian looked familiar. The stance of the Pokemon and the most glaring fact that it’s holding a massive sword in its mouth quickly drew comparisons to Sif from Dark Souls.

We don’t know much about Zacian yet aside from the fact that it’s a wolf who attacks with a sword in its mouth, but that’s all Souls and Pokemon fans need to draw comparisons between the two. Reactions to the new Legendary Pokemon are already filling up sites like Twitter with those who noticed that Zacian is just Sif from Dark Souls. Some are even already making plans to add the Pokemon to their team and rename it Sif, something that we’ll probably see a lot of when the games release.


If you’re not familiar with the Dark Souls franchise, Sif is a character that appears in the first game of the same name. Its full name is Great Grey Wolf Sif, and it’s a massive wolf that guards the grave of Artorias the Abysswalker, its human companion who later fell to powers of the Abyss. Sif uses the greatsword of Artorias to guard the grave against any intruders, so in other words, he’s a very good boy in Dark Souls.


The fact that Pokemon Sword & Shield has a new mechanic that allows you to supersize your Pokemon just means that you’ll be able to get even closer to having Sif in your game. Dynamaxing is a mechanic introduced in the new games that lets you increase the physical size of your Pokemon and empower some of their moves. Dynamax your Zacian and rename it Sif and you’re well on your way to having some Dark Souls in your Pokemon game.

Pokemon Sword & Shield releases for the Nintendo Switch on November 15th.