Turn Your Cat's Caterwauls Into Fearsome Weapons in New Dungeons & Dragons Supplement

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement introduces readers to the College of Caterwauling, a new bardic subclass designed to mimic the nocturnal cries of cats. The way of cats are strange and mysterious, from their constantly shifting moods to the loud and obnoxious cries they make when all sane creatures are asleep. Although caterwauling is most associated with attracting potential mates, even fixed felines will engage in singing the song of their people, probably in worship to the dark entity that all cats pay homage to.

One cat lover has created a special Dungeons & Dragons subclass specifically designed to pay homage to a cat's caterwaul and replicate a cat's strange power over others. Jessica Marcrum has released The College of Caterwauling, a bard subclass meant primarily for the tabaxi, a race of anthropomorphic cats. The Caterwauling bard has the ability to distract foes with their irritating yowls and illicit their allies to join them in their caterwauls in exchange for a bonus to a check or attack of that ally's choice. At higher levels, the Caterwauler can also roar (which causes fear in all those within 60 feet) or become stupefyingly adorable, which can totally disarm a creature and cause them to perceive the bard as a non-threat.


The Caterwauling bard is a delightful subclass that's perfect for cat-lovers and you'll likely get a laugh when reading through the description of some of the Caterwauler's abilities. While not recommended for a full campaign (a few of the abilities might be seen as a bit overpowered), the subclass is great for a fun one-shot or for tables looking more for laughs than serious combat and campaigns. As someone who plays a cat in a D&D campaign, I'll certainly be considering using the Caterwauling subclass the next time I want to annoy my foes with a feline song of love and loss.

The College of Caterwauling is available on the DMs Guild for $1.99.