New Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Loot Box Guarantees Players an Unowned DLC Weapon

Treyarch is rolling out a new type of loot box in an upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update that’ll give players an easier time when it comes to getting those DLC weapons that are currently locked behind the boxes. The flashy new loot box is called the “Ultra Weapon Bribe,” and it guarantees that players will get a weapon from the Black Market that they don’t already own. This further removes the duplicates issue Treyarch has already tackled before, though players will still have to hope that they get the weapon that they want from the Black Market and also have the chance of getting an MKII Weapon.

Plans for the release of the new Reserve were outlined in a blog post discussing what’s to come for the loot boxes and the new Contracts that are also supposed to make getting these DLC weapons easier.

“In addition to Contracts, we’re making changes to how new Weapon Bribes will work in the future,” Treyarch said. “In an upcoming update, we’ll introduce the new Ultra Weapon Bribe that will first reward a Black Market weapon that you don’t own. Once you own any variant (base version, MKII, etc.) of all Black Market weapons in the game, Ultra Weapon Bribes will then reward a MKII Weapon, Mastercraft, or other variant that you haven’t unlocked yet.”

The new Ultra Weapon Bribe Reserve comes after players found that some new weapons added in the Days of Summer update were being placed in these loot boxes. Instead of unlocking them through traditional means, players had to hope that they loot boxes would work in their favor and give them one of these new guns, not something that they didn’t want like an MKII variant. Some of these weapons turned out to be quite enticing due to their power as well and were later nerfed.


Black Ops 4’s current Weapon Bribes system will remain the same with all the Weapon Bribes still having duplicate prevention measures in place, just like the Ultra Weapon Bribe. There’s an event that’s coming later on during the current Operation that’s supposed to give players one of these new Ultra Weapon Bribes, and more occasions are said to follow.

“We’re planning to introduce a new special event later in Operation Spectre Rising which will include an earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe through Contraband, and players can expect to earn additional Ultra Weapon Bribes in the future to add more Black Market weapons to their collection,” Treyarch said.