Spice Up Your Dungeons & Dragons Saltmarsh Campaign With New Encounters Supplement

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement contains 60 new encounters to fill the gap in between Ghosts of Saltmarsh chapters. Earlier this year, Dungeons & Dragons released Ghosts of Saltmarsh, a new adventure book that re-tooled seven classic nautical-themed adventures for Fifth Edition play. Ghosts of Saltmarsh can be used either as a set of standalone adventures or as one continuous campaign, although a DM may need to take some liberties if choosing the latter option. While the book contains descriptions of Saltmarsh and its surrounding, most of its focus are on the handful of locations in which the various adventures are set, so DMs are mostly left to their own devices to build out random encounters that help bring Saltmarsh and its surroundings to life.

Earlier this month, Ashley Warren, James Haeck, James Introcaso, M.T. Black, and Rich Lescouflair released Saltmarsh Encounters, a new 22 page supplement filled with random encounters and threats to help fill out the bustling port town of Saltmarsh. The new encounters are a mix of the mundane, the spooky, and the dangerous, ranging from corrupt constables to big game hunters on the prowl for a tyrannosaurus rex. The encounters are divided between town encounters, coastal encounters, and aquatic encounters, and should provide any DM with inspiration for filling out a Saltmarsh campaign with plenty of intrigue and mystery. Many of the encounters are just teases of bigger potential adventures, giving the DM room to create their own story should their party decide to head in an unexpected direction. For instance, if players see the shadow of a dragon flying overhead, will they follow it back to its lair, or will they just try to leave well enough alone? Saltmarsh Encounters provides hooks for a lot of potential adventures, but it's up to the DM (and their party) on what to do with them.


One of the strengths of Saltmarsh Encounters is its fantastic creative team. Haeck, Introcaso, and Black have all worked on official Dungeons & Dragons adventures, while Warren and Lescouflair have both worked on critically acclaimed RPG projects like Uncaged and Esper Genesis. This is an all-star group of RPG writers and it shows in the simplicity and variety of the adventures contained within Saltmarsh Encounters.

You can purchase Saltmarsh Encounters on the DMs Guild for $4.95.