Four Pokemon Received Zero Votes in a Massive Popularity Poll

A Pokemon popularity poll held on Reddit had some surprising results, especially when it came to the least popular Pokemon. Recently, the Reddit community /r/Pokemon hosted a popularity poll in which over 52,000 participants picked out their favorite Pokemon. While the "winners" of the poll contained a few surprises (Charizard won the contest, with Gengar, Arcanine, Bulbasaur, and Arcanine rounding out the top five), what was more surprising was that several Pokemon didn't receive a single vote in the poll. Four Pokemon - Silcoon, Gothita, Eelektrik, and Yungoos - didn't receive a single vote, unofficially proving that not every Pokemon was someone's favorite.

Luckily, those Pokemon's pre-evolved and evolved forms fared a bit better in the poll, as the Wurmple family received 19 votes, the Gothita family received 21, the Tynamo family received 54 votes, and Gumshoos (Yungoos's evolved form) received a whopping four votes. There were also a handful of Pokemon that only received a single vote, including Exeggcute, Baltoy, Skorupi, and Trumbeak.

Notably, it also appeared that Pokemon from older generations were more popular than newer games. "Gen 1" Pokemon received over a third of the votes in the poll, while Pokemon from the Alola region received less than 4% of the total vote. Also, the poll noted that Eevee seemed to be more popular than Pikachu, with Eevee cracking the top ten in total votes, while Pikachu barely made the top 50.


Of course, this shouldn't be seen as a perfect cross-section of Pokemon fans, as it skews towards older fans that have discovered Reddit and barely taps into the core demographic of children that Pokemon is geared towards. While it makes sense that older fans would prefer Pokemon from older games, this poll doesn't really factor in the opinions of schoolchildren, unless there's a lot more 7-9 years old lurking on Reddit than previously thought. At least the Pokemon poll proved what we all knew in our hearts - that Bulbasaur is the superior Starter Pokemon.

You can see the full poll results here!