New Gears 5 Gameplay Feature Will Make The Game Easier

Gears of War has never been a very difficult and challenging series, but for Gears 5, developer The Coalition is ensuring the Xbox One and PC game is easier for those that want it to be. More specifically, The Coalition has added lock-on aim to the game's easiest mode, which is a first for the series. Now, it's unclear if this is automatic or something that can be manually togged on and off, but it appears to only be an option on the game's lowest difficulty. Speaking of difficulty options, those are changing too. In previous releases, the options were casual, normal, hardcore, and insane. Now they are beginner, intermediate, experienced, and insane.

According to the boss of The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, there's now a focus on headshots and weak points of enemies. To accompany this, the reticle will change colors depending on what body part it's hovering over. If it's on the body, it will be white. If it's on the head, it will be red. Meanwhile, perfect reloads will be gold.

Fergusson and co. believe some of these changes will go a long a way in evolving the series, which is the aim of the game, unlike Gears of War 4, which sought to be just a good Gears of War game.

“We really didn’t want people going, ‘Well they don’t know what they’re doing.’ And what we got instead was like, ‘There’s not enough innovation here.’ We sort of took that feedback about, ‘We trust you, please go push it.’ And so we really brought that to Gears 5," said Fergusson while talking with Kotaku.

Gears 5 will be available on Xbox One and PC (Windows 10 and Steam) when it launches later this year on September 10, priced at $60. Of course, it will also be available on Xbox Game Pass when it launches.


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